Writer’s Block


Let’s get this write.

I don’t want to write this column. Just don’t feel like it. But it’s time.
So what to do?
Sometimes it helps to just do nothing for a while, to let ideas incubate so I’ll feel more like I have something to write about.
Nah, already tried that.
Maybe if I make sure I schedule enough uninterrupted time to ensure I can work uninterrupted–turn off the TV, work during the daytime when I am most fresh, and simply focus.
That’s not working either.
What if I go work in the yard a little?
Already did that. No luck.
Sometimes it helps to have just one teensy goal at a time throughout the day, to get the momentum going. But I’ve blown through a few of those today, and no momentum so far.
I’ve already seen to it that I have a fresh glass of iced tea so I won’t need to get up. My eyeglasses are clean. The room is at a comfortable temperature. Any and all emotional baggage has been mentally placed in a box and won’t distract me.
I’m even working under a deadline, albeit self-imposed. Many of us work best under pressure, don’t we?
So let’s see. Computer. Check. Quiet room. Check. Comfort level. Check. Worries set aside. Check.  Writer’s block dealt with.
Looks like it’s time to get started.

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