Ways to Say I Love You

Ways to Say “I love you”

Ways to Say I Love You-Susan H. RobinsonThese will backfire if 1) you love someone whose goal is to take advantage of you, or 2) You utilize, even inadvertently, the tiniest hint of sarcasm:

  • You look really nice.
  • Iʼve got your back.
  • Could you use some help with that?
  • Can I get that for you?
  • Your opinion means a lot to me.
  • You know; youʼre really good at that.
  • Iʼll listen for as long as it takes.
  • Youʼve worked really hard today, thank you.
  • You did a great job on the…..
  • Thatʼs a really good idea.
  • Take your time.
  • Of course I would do that for you.
  • Which movie (TV show, etc.) would you like to see?
  • No, youʼre not crazy.
  • Iʼm sorry youʼre having a bad day.
  • That must have felt awful.
  • What do you think would be the fairest way to handle this?
  • Please.
  • Thank you.

Susan H. (Sue) Robinson, LPC, NCC, L.L.C.

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