The Other (Good) Side of Christmas

Zaria's Christmas morning

This picture of my little friend Zaria captures it all. The joy of seeing and touching the tree on Christmas morning. (Didn’t her dad just capture the greatest shot imaginable?)

Every major religion has some sort of holiday surrounding the Winter Solstice. I am not pushing one brand of religion here, have no reason to. I am very emphatic, however, about the need for people to take some time off, to get centered. The holiday season provides that for a lot of us, even though we do pay in advance with a whirlwind of activity.

For those whose jobs entail working on the holidays–firefighters, emergency medical people, hospital workers, home health workers, newspaper delivery people…I hope you are setting aside your own time to just pause, relax, reflect. We all need the opportunity to be centered, and our rush-rush-rush culture doesn’t exactly encourage that on a daily basis.

Whether you spend this time with family or friends, or if it is your opportunity to spend the day alone, it is vitally important. Even if you are one of the unfortunate people who had a lousy holiday, there is opportunity for reflection there too. Think about what you can change in your life in order to make future years more enjoyable. You deserve that; we all do.

If you are diametrically opposed to religious holidays, make something up, take time off, and enjoy! Call it a Mental Health Day. It will be even better for you than eating your vegetables. And more fun, too.

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