Book Recommendation: “The Myth of Autism” by David Goldberg

Gerardie and Carson

I am not a specialist in autism. Anyone in the mental health field should have basic knowledge, though, in order to make appropriate referrals.
This book’s author is a pediatrician in California who has worked with many autistic children in his over 30 years of practice. When I saw the title, I cringed and thought “What is he talking about? Autism is not a myth.” Upon reading the first few sentences, it became clear that the myth he refers to is the commonly held belief that autism is strictly a developmental disability.
It is well known that autism diagnoses have skyrocketed over the past several years. Some of this can be accounted for by recognition of Asperger’s syndrome as well as improved diagnostic methods. But the recent dramatic increase far surpasses anything that can be accounted for in these ways. David Goldberg lays out a convincing case that no simple developmental disability could have such a dramatic and unexplained increase, that statistically there has to be some underlying medical issue. He goes on to emphasize the need for more medical research into this phenomenon.
Children are frequently given much-needed educational interventions while the potential for underlying medical causes gets ignored. Goldberg’s suspicion is that the root of many cases of autism lies in an autoimmune disorder.
Dr. Goldberg also cites the value of nutritional interventions; did you know that the single most common allergy in this country is dairy? Wheat is second.
If David Goldberg’s theory is correct, we are allowing countless people to suffer from autism as a life-long condition, when research could possibly lead us to a total cure. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in autism.