Public Speaking

Sue Robinson is a mental health counselor and a veteran of 6 years teaching psychology courses. She is available for public speaking and–in the event you are looking for a different topic, there is a good possibility she can bring someone else’s expertise and voice.


Ms. Robinson has gained extensive expertise in varied areas:


Domestic and Intimate Partner Abuse and Recovery: This is far more common than any of us care to admit. Who among you does not know at least one person who has been victimized? This abuse is not limited to obvious physical acts such as slapping, hitting, and punching. Verbal abuse can be devastating–from the beginnings of control with statements such as “You’re not going to wear THAT, are you?” to indirect or even direct threats.


Emphasis is on prevention, safety planning, and eliminating shame.


Empowerment and Choices: Learned helplessness is a major cause of depression;

Empowerment is its opposite.


Boundaries: This term is frequently tossed into conversations, with little understanding of its true meaning. Essentially, a boundary is a line you draw around yourself, physically and/or emotionally. People with weak boundaries often wind up in bad relationships, or are talked into doing things they don’t believe in…sometimes to the point of encountering serious legal trouble.


Positive Self-Talk: The things we say to ourselves are critical. This concept is simple, but takes a lot of practice.


Other Speakers: Over the years, Ms. Robinson has located excellent speakers with personal experience and expertise in the following:


– Autism and Diet

– Growing Up Cult

– Growing Up With Gay Siblings

– Living With Mentally Ill Family Members

– Surviving Prison (when you didn’t commit the crime)

– Growing up in Foster Care

– Life After Leaving a Drug Culture

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