Out with the Old…

There was a retaining wall behind my house that I just loved–the way it blended in with nature. It got so old that it started to crumble, and had to be replaced. At first it broke my heart. You can see from the accompanying picture, over the years this wall blended with its surroundings: ivy grew between the ties, moss grew along the front. It will take a couple years for the new one to attain that rustic look.
When the old wall was being torn out and hauled away, I was not a happy camper. Never mind that parts of it actually crumbled in the workers’ hands.
As the new wall was installed, I balked. Around Day 4 it started looking good to me, and by now I am glad for the change.retaining wall
Thus it is with the new year, or any new phase in life. Change needs to happen; old structures need to make way for new ones. We need to make maximum use of what we have, while also acknowledging the time for change.
As the year 2014 has come to a close, it is a good time to reflect on what we value and will intentionally preserve in our lives. It is also a good time to assess what needs changing, and what needs to simply be eliminated–from household items that have outlived their usefulness but could benefit someone else, to interpersonal connections that result from habit and have become a burden to everyone involved.
Though we do these assessments throughout the year, seeing the ball come down in Times Square to mark the beginning of 2015 served as an excellent reminder. And hopefully the beginning of a satisfying new year.

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