I Wish That Was My Biggest Problem

“I wish that was my biggest problem.” That was the response I used to get from my mother when I expressed the usual teenage complaints. Want a new dress for Easter? Boyfriend didn’t call when you hoped he would? School dance ends too early? There she was, with that same pat phrase, “I wish that was my biggest problem.”
Of course, at that moment my biggest problem was my own annoyance at a mother who I felt didn’t take my issues with all the seriousness they deserved. Now that I have lived long enough to see and experience some much bigger issues, it feels appropriate to come up with my own list of things that—well, it would be great if any of these were MY biggest problem. Here are some for starters, and I hope this leads you to come up with a few of your own. Levity, after all, is one of the best tools to get us through our worst times.
– Which car should I buy? The Jaguar or the Lexus?
– Would I rather have chocolate ice cream or vanilla?
– Where can I find the best creme brûlée?
– What to wear to the party tonight? I have too many choices.
– How best to plan for a month’s vacation?
– If I stand under that tree, will a coconut fall on my head?
– What size large screen TV will be best for my new home entertainment center?
– I have such a wonderful circle of friends. How can I best show them my appreciation?
Here’s hoping this smattering is encouraging and that you have more of your own. Just remember, the point is to come up with something trivial that you wish was your absolutely biggest problem?
Have at it!

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