Grief & Loss Counseling

Grief – It’s a Quiet Thing (Sometimes)

Grief and Loss

How do people react when they hear about your loss?

Hand you a tranquilizer?

Hand you a platitude?  (Don’t worry, you’ll marry again; He/She is in a better place; It’s all for the best; You really need to get your mind off it…)

Hand you a kleenex?

I vote for the last one.

Sometimes the hardest part is after the funeral when there is none of that “busy-ness” to occupy your mind.  If your loved one suffered a long illness, you may have been so busy caring for them that you feel at a loss without that routine.  Sometimes you find yourself laughing and instantly feel guilty.

Your grief does not need to turn into depression.

Crying ChildGrief is one thing; depression is another.  The first is a normal reaction to a loss, the second involves hopelessness.  Unresolved grief can turn into depression.  Which is why support is so crucial at this time.

People in the same household experience grief differently, and frequently at different rates.  It can be frustrating to turn to the survivor closest to you, only to find their current feelings don’t mirror your own at all.

If you would like individual grief counseling, please contact my office to set up a confidential appointment.

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