Don’t Forget the Joy

Kyler Kaia joyful

What great smiles!

What would happen if you wrote down the best thing that happened each day on a slip of paper and put it in a jar? Maybe you do this for a month, or a year, maybe longer. Now imagine being able to reach into that jar and smile at a different memory with each slip of paper, smiling as you enjoy it the second time around.
Would your life improve if you could see the humor in difficult situations? If you could, while some fool keeps yelling at you, envision that same person wearing a diaper and sucking on a pacifier?

Suppose you are in the presence of a mom whose kids are tearing everything off the shelves of your store while she waxes on about how carefully she watches her children–and it is all you can do to not giggle at the irony. Perhaps a friend is suffering from chemo treatments and makes jokes about “no-hair days.”
Or maybe you just choose to escape life’s difficulties by watching slapstick comedy, or going to an amusement park. None of this means you are irresponsible; it’s a simple matter of seizing joy.

What is the point of life if you don’t have any fun? Our schedules get so busy, it’s easy to put that off till we forget how to laugh.
Prior to becoming a mental health counselor, I made my living doing family-oriented singing telegrams, creating personalized skits in the persona of several ridiculous characters. And I loved it! Making people laugh is the kind of thing that–well, it was impossible to avoid embracing some of that joy for myself. That helped me through some otherwise difficult times.
Children have a lot to teach us in this area. When they are in pain, they show it, and they don’t carry that weight any longer than necessary. They run, play, laugh–and bring joy to others in the process. I hope you, each of you, finds some of that same joy every day.
Let’s get started.

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