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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) helps clients overcome Unresolved Trauma in their lives.

Despite its name, EMDR has expanded into treatment modalities involving sight, sound, and/or touch.  The client may opt to use earphones with tones alternating between the right and left ear, hand buzzers, knee tapping, or the traditional eye movements.

While EMDR can’t be called a panacea, it works for a large majority of trauma victims and results are evident almost immediately.

EMDR treats other conditions beyond trauma although its most publicized results have been with trauma victims.

If you are not trained in EMDR, it is perfectly accepted practice to refer your established client for one or two appointments with the expectation that they will return to you to complete their therapeutic journey.  The EMDR therapist’s only interest is in getting your client “over the hump” in progressing.

How EMDR Works:

No one knows—for certain.  Study after study shows that it does work, and its success seems to lie in bilateral brain stimulation.  The theory is that the right side of the brain is the emotional side and stores trauma with all its emotional content.  The left hemisphere, the logical side, brings that logic to bear on the event.

There is no intention for the client to forget the event, only to view it with less negative emotion, to be able to incorporate it into factual memory and release the disturbance it has previously caused.

EMRD Rainbow Newark Ohio CounselingEMDR and Adults:

We all know it is not uncommon for an adult in therapy to have several unresolved traumatic incidents.  EMDR can be utilized as these specific incidents come up.

EMDR and Children:

EMDR seems to work particularly quickly with children.  It is not a substitute for other therapy (except in the event the sole problem is one discrete trauma).

Other Uses:

Sometimes you just want to try to pull together concepts that “don’t fit,” to make sense out of something.  EMDR might help.

EMDR YouTube Video:

EMDR YouTube by Colleen West MFT

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