Domestic Abuse Recovery

Domestic Abuse Counseling Newark OhioDomestic and intimate partner abuse is far more common than any of us care to admit.  Who among you does not know at least one person who has been victimized?  This abuse is not limited to obvious physical acts such as slapping, hitting, and punching.  Verbal abuse can be devastating–from the beginning of control with statements such as “You’re not going to wear THAT, are you?” to indirect or even direct threats.

Victims seek counseling every day in huge numbers, although they often start out unaware that abuse is an underlying issue for them.  I’m always continuing my education on the subject and reading prolifically, providing the expertise these clients need and deserve.

Many victims and potential victims of domestic abuse have sought help from various sources, including professional counselors.  In numerous other cases, friends and family members have expressed concern.  It is important for members of our profession to understand the dynamics of domestic abuse and to utilize that knowledge whenever possible to reduce the incidence of violent outcomes.  We also need to be aware that this violence occurs in traditional and nontraditional family settings, among gay couples and among straight couples.  The violence can be parent-to-child, child-to-parent and all other possible variations.

I work with domestic abuse victims to overcome their situations and help them understand there is life after abuse.  15 Signs of a Potential Batterer

Safety planning is important.  The most dangerous time is in the act of leaving!

Everyone deserves to be happy and no one has to live with abuse.

My website page The Good, The Bad, & The Cycle displays a Violence Wheel, Non-Violence Wheel, and the Cycle of Domestic Violence.  Content taken from the information handbook “Domestic Violence:  The Facts” created by Peace at Home.  Which wheel relates to your relationship?

For more information please read my 2011 Article that was published on Counseling Today about Screening for Possible Domestic Abuse.

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One of my favorite experts on this subject is Lundy Bancroft:

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